When it comes to rigid packaging development, asking the right questions is the key to understanding your needs. Our experience allows us to help develop a rigid packaging solution that will meet your business model, brand image, budget and functional expectations.

We understand that success means knowing your competition, which is why we evaluate your target audience and brand direction to provide a foundation for making your packaging even better. Our expertise in research and data analysis means we do the work and you pick from our recommendations.

Custom tailored rigid packaging is the best way to go, because it resonates with your brand and speaks what you want to present to your customers.

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In this phase, your vision becomes reality, by aligning your concept with the mechanics of production to ensure an absolutely flawless functional rigid packaging component.

Our engineering and tooling team will then work on fine tuning the molds while overcoming any potential technical challenges. This is where design refinement, performance simulation and prototyping takes place. The color, texture, closure, design, functionality and quality are precisely crafted to meet the protocol.


The mass production process then takes place with your fine-tuned tool. We keep in mind that despite a perfect trial run, a production run is an entirely different ball game. Thus we remain analytical, even if the trial run scored a perfect 10. If necessary, we continue to improve the design and implement inspection check points during the manufacturing process.


While knowledge is power, information is merely data if you don’t put it to use. Our team recognizes the importance of researching, analyzing and merging both your information and ours into one focal point: OUR goals.

Through these research studies we can help identify what rigid packaging is most suitable for your needs. We first recommend stocked existing packaging components as a cost saving alternative then progress to discussing custom designed packaging if existing components don’t quite fit your vision. Our database of over 300 contract manufacturers is certain to have the rigid and flexible packaging you need.

Project Management

We allow the convenience of “one point of contact”; an assigned project manager. Our experienced project manager will be your go-to person for all manufacturing and project development-related questions. Whether it be submitting a prototype or a rematch of the color chip, our project manager handles it all.

Our project manager will follow up and follow through to get the answers you need throughout the entire development of your project to ensure an easy solution.


Most packaging design starts with a basic concept. Paxon takes that concept, along with your vision, ideas and information, to the next level. Our engineers will incorporate all of your aesthetic concepts into what is realistically functional. From material selection to compatibility with your formulation, we have the team to guide and ensure the smoothest process possible. Through our experienced team, your custom design will not only be functional and work at your filler’s fill-line but also fall within your target budget and quality standard.

Paxon’s process is made even simpler by keeping you updated at every part of the developmental phase. We feel communication is paramount so you’ll never be left in the dark. You will know when you’re receiving your 2D technical drawing, 3D rendering, prototypes, preproduction samples, color match chips, artwork proofs, tooling lead time, production schedule…the list goes on. It’s your baby but we take care of it like it’s our own.

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Trust that your components are manufactured at a facility where we strive to deliver zero defects.  

Paxon regulates our raw material suppliers to ensure that the materials and manufacturing processes comply with the regulatory protocols. In addition to our in-house inspection standard, our team of QC/QA specialists custom tailor a unique per order inspection checklist to meet our high quality standard.  With us being ISO-9001 certified our products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.